Grow Through our Adult Classes


Mary D. Lewis – President Fidelis Class


Sally Blaine  Fidelis Class

John Tatum – Timothy Class


Peter Foley – Sojourners Class


(L-R) Pearl Spaulding & Gay Mayfield – Fidelis Class


Lew Tate – Covenant Class


Shalom Class (college age)
An informal discussion of a book read by class members is the format of this class.

Timothy Class (younger adults: single or married)
A hallmark of this class is its Bible focus with class discussion as we apply the Bible to daily living.

Sojourners Class
The format of this class is guided discussion with frequent class contributions focusing on a book read by all class members.

Covenant Class
This class is characterized by spirited conversation providing an intellectually stimulating analysis of the Christian faith on a variety of topics.

John Knox Class
The structure of this class is a lecture format with a chapter-by-chapter study of a specific book of the Bible wrapped in warm fellowship.

Fidelis & Davis Hoyle‘s Class
This class begins with a hymn sung by the class and utilizes a lecture format.

We also have the following special adult classes

Bible Studies for Women
Nurture your faith through a monthly Circle Group (Presbyterian Women).

Inquirer’s Class
Classes are offered throughout the year for those interested in joining First Presbyterian.

Inquirers Class led by Jim Baker

Inquirers Class led by Jim Baker


Covenant Class led by Professor Lew Tate

Covenant Class led by Professor Lew Tate

Timothy Class

Timothy Class