Gracious Christmas Craft Workshop!

This year the women of First Presbyterian Church Circle are working together to build wreaths and centerpieces that will be for sale at the next Gracious Christmas Event!

Many of the decorations are crafted using materials found in local nature.  Spanish moss (zapped free of red bugs!), cotton bolls, peach pits, lichen and pine cones have found new purpose in wreaths and centerpieces.

Renee McGehee and Pam Patterson are in charge of the marketplace crafts for the Gracious Christmas celebration this year, and have organized some crafting workshops in preparation for the big event on December 1st.

Workshops will be held every other Wednesday for the following dates from 2-5 PM at church, upstairs in room 203 (or may move to 212 if 203 is too hot in summer months).

November 16th

Gracious Christmas Crafting 2016-3


Gracious Christmas Crafting 2016-1

Come and join the fun!