Chancel Flower Ministry

Chancel flowers add beauty to the service. If you would like to sponsor a flower arrangement as a celebration of an event, to give to the glory of God, to honor someone or in memory of a loved one, the cost is $50.00 payable to First Presbyterian Church and donors can choose what Sunday they wish to donate flowers by checking the Flower Chart usually located in Stewart Hall. Small rosebuds can be selected for newly born infants. The information about each arrangement will be listed in the Sunday bulletin. For more information, see the church secretary, Mary Louise Edleman or call the church 912-354-7615.

Donors can specify if they will pick up the arrangements after the worship service or not. The donors can also inform the Presbyterian Women that they would like the flower arrangements to be taken to shut-ins who cannot attend services.


Mary Louise Edleman is the church secretary.


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