We believe Christian fellowship is God’s gift to us! We hope that you will come fellowship and belong to our family through the activities that we offer!

Youth Fellowship Programs

Sunday Evening Youth Groups
On Sunday Evening, we have a Fellowship Supper for all Youth Groups from (Jr. Lows, Jr. and Sr. Highs and their adult advisors).

Chapel Choir Musicians
Our Chapel Choir musicians are for grades three-five, Junior Lows.

Youth Ensemble Musicians
Our Youth Ensemble musicians is made up of Junior and Senior Highs.

Junior Lows
Our Junior Lows meet to do service projects, educational activities and have fun. (grades three-five)

Our Junior & Senior Highs
Our Junior & Senior Highs meet as separate groups to do service projects, youth trips, Bible study, fellowship and games led by adult advisors. Annually the Jr. and Sr. Highs participate in an all Youth Worship Service for the congregation. (grades six-eight; nine-twelve)